Sustainable Travel Events in May with Projeto Bagagem

With all of the virtual events, webinars, or as they're all being called here in Brazil, lives, going on these days, it is clear Projeto Bagagem could not stand this one out.

So we have been creating a few events of our own (which so far are in Portuguese, and you can find here), but this week, it just so happens, our board has been invited to a few events to talk about sustainable travel and CBT in Brazil, and some of these will be accessible to English and Spanish speakers, so we thought we'd share those here, with our international community!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 - Development of Community Based Tourism in Brazil

Werter Moraes, our vice-president, will be one of the panelists for this event hosted by Komú and Travindy. The event will be in Portuguese, but with simultaneous Spanish interpretation. Werter and a series of other great panelists from our network, will talk about the transformative impact of CBT, both on communitites who host travelers, and the travelers themselves!

Thursday, May 7th, 2020 - COVID-19 Dialogue with #SustainableTravel Leaders from Brazil & Honduras

Polyana de Oliveira, our president, will join a discussion hosted by New York based ExplorEquity, which is a social impact travel company, bringing awareness to global equity through immersive experiences. The discussion will give insight into impacts Covid-19 has had on our own companies and organizations, countries, and communities we work with.

If you are happy to listen to one of our chats in Portuguese, you can find our upcoming events here.

We look forward to continue to provide information on the state of CBT in Brazil!

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